Need to Bond Someone Out Quickly?

Serving Potter & Randall County, Savior Bail Bonds is the right place to call when your loved one needs to be bonded out. We can get you a fast jail release. If you aren’t sure you have the cash needed to bond someone out, give us a call or stop in and see us, We can work with you and get the process started. If your are TRAVELING thru Amarillo and need to get back home, we will work with you through every part of the bonding procedure. This is what we do, and what you can expect and rely on from SAVIOR BAIL BONDS.

Worried About Being Arrested Because of a Warrant?

It can be scary to have a warrant out for your arrest. You live in a state of anxiety, never sure when you might be arrested and jailed. Don’t keep putting yourself through that. We can arrange for you to have a walk-through bond depending on your charges. The process is easy. Each situation and circumstances are different. Call us to discuss this process.

Not Sure How To Get Started?

Do you feel a little intimidated by the bail bond process? Don't, we are here to help. Give us a call first, and we’ll work with you through the process. If you have questions or need information about bonds or the process of what you need to do, we will help you. If you need information on the bond amount, so your loved one doesn’t have to sit in jail any longer than necessary, contact us. We can work with you on payment options,  depending on the bond amount. Each and every situation or case is different, & our staff at SAVIOR BAIL BONDS will be happy to review your particular concerns, and questions. Contact us today at SAVIOR BAIL BONDS, and let us help you work through the bonding process without stress or worry.

Frequently Asked    ??Questions??

Q:What if I am not from Amarillo, Can I still co-sign?

A: Yes

Q: If I was traveling thru Amarillo and live in another state, Do I have to stay in Amarillo til my case is Final or Complete?

A: No

Q: Can you recommend an Attorney?

A: By Law, We Can Not, NO.

Q: Do I have to have the Full Amount of the Bond?

A: No, we can work with you.

Q: Do you bond out in different cities in Texas?

A: Yes, call us for details.


We are a Christian-Friendly Company who Honors God. We all make mistakes, some are more costly than others. We believe that everyone should be treated with respect and dignity. We proudly give back to the Community. We work with the Homeless Community, Amarillo Housing First, The Top of Texas Charities for Single Mothers & Children, and Local Schools Anti-Bullying Campaigns.

We help our Clients with employment information and information on Rehab Facilities if needed.





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